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Services provided:

Psychiatric evaluation

Medication management


Psychedelic education and harm reduction

Psychedelic integration

Dr. G can accepting the following forms of payment:

Out of pocket payment (may submit out of network reimbursement)

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Psychedelic Education and Harm Reduction:

The term psychedelic means mind manifesting. Psychedelics are getting a lot of press lately, for good reasons. It is vitally important to know that, at this time, these substances are still illegal in most states, including Massachusetts, and should not be used in any setting outside of an FDA approved clinical study.

The studies are happening, and well designed studies are teaching us a lot about the safe and effective use of these medicines. It is becoming more and more clear that when used by the right person, in the right setting, with the right preparation and intention, and with the guidance of well informed professionals, these medicines can provide profound experiences that can both heal, and lead to the betterment of well people.

The studies also show that, when used within well defined safety parameters, there is quite low risk for serious side effects or harm. However, when these substances are not used in the right way, they can lead to both physical and psychological harm.

When considering the use of these substances, it is important to understand the potential risks, the current local, state, and national laws, and how to use these substances in the safest ways possible. While I cannot offer medical recommendations, or legal counsel, I can provide education to anyone interested in learning more about ways to prevent potential harm, the ways these substances have been used to treat certain mental disorders, and the way these substances have been used to improve overall wellbeing.

Psychedelic Integration:

Integration carries many meanings, from the mathematical, to the holistic approach applied in the healing arts, to psychedelic integration. Psychedelic integration can be thought of as a way to make complete. To make the experience complete. To make, via the experience, oneself more complete.

The Self. Well, that’s one for a different day and website. For now, allow me the assumption that the psychedelic experience, with its mind manifesting mechanisms, holds the power to affect The Self. When done with intention, and the appropriate set and setting, the psychedelic experience can provide healing and/or betterment of The Self.

New insights, new ways of thinking, new concepts, new ideas, new inspirations, all may unfold during the experience. Old problems, unprocessed emotions connected to emotionally charged events, old memories, forgotten or repressed memories, traumatic memories, all may come up during the experience. Out of body experiences, encounters with mysterious others, ineffable experiences, experiences of boundlessness, spiritual experiences, experiences of connectedness, experiences of birth, experiences of death, all may arise during the Psychedelic Experience.

Psychedelic integration aims to bring together whatever may come up during the experience, in a way that maximizes the benefits of the experience, and/or resolves any challenges that have been born from the experience.

Psychedelic integration aims to make complete the experience. To make it an experience that fits in with Our Self, and our everyday life. A way to come back from the mystical, and bring back from it that which will make our everyday life better and more complete.

Psychedelics are a tool. A tool can build, and a tool can bash. When used the right way, psychedelics can be a tool used to transform ones life.

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